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A new generation of electric scooter. Breathtaking design, uncompromised stability and safety.
After a 2-year development period, Mii2 is proud to present its flagship scooter.
The frame of the device is made of single-cast aluminum! No welding, no screws. It is lighter and more shock-absorbent than ever before. The device was planned for daily use, on almost any terrain, in maximum comfort, with the safety of the rider being a top priority. The best-quality brakes are incorporated into the engine’s electric braking EABS. FWB peripheral lighting system for maximal visibility. The YOO2 was designed to make use of maximal energy thanks to the unique SINUS technology developed by the company and implemented in all of its products. Globally registered patent.

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6,850 ILS

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Engineered with advanced technology from the world of vehicles. Made of quality and carefully selected aluminum T6\6061, allowing for optimal weight distribution, structural strength, shock absorbance and innovative design.
The frame has a single “unibody” structure, without any contact points, welding or screws, for maximum strength and a clean design.


A quality and technologically advanced lithium battery with unprecedented energy utilization. The battery and control were developed within the company. Maximum average charge time of four hours.


An especially silent and gearless Hub engine with an individual cooling system.


Built-in extra resilience for front and rear lighting with lighting stripes at the sides of the device.
Integrating FWB technology, the entire lighting flickers when you brake, an innovative system taken from the world of vehicles. We’ve already established you are riding a vehicle, so why not keep you safe on the road?


Original and breathtaking design. You can’t take your eyes off it.


The EABS system with triple breaking. A 140’ front and rear braking disc with ceramic brake pads, combined with electric braking. The only scooter to have an original emergency braking system.

Climb Angle

Impressive abilities without losing power, even on the steepest inclines.

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3 Ben Zion, Tel Aviv
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